Amped-Up Authorship: Blogging for Money

Amped-Up Authorship: Blogging for Money

Some people are born with the talent of writing, and others work extremely hard to develop the craft of telling a tale. They can play around with words and express simple things beautifully and complex things in ways that are easier to understand.

As a writer, you surely understand how enriching it can be to share your craft with others, but when you become proficient enough at writing, it’s natural to want to take the next step and start earning money with your talents.

There are many different ways that you as a writer can earn money online by writing about different things. All you need to do is start whipping up interesting and attention-grasping articles. Something unique and helpful is sure to catch the attention of readers, and posting your content online in a blog is the ideal way to get attention from all over the world.

But how do you translate your pieces into a profitable endeavor? Here are some techniques that’ll help you start off on the right foot blogging for money.

Monetizing Your Blog

You can use different services like AdSense and WordAds to get advertisements on your blog, and advertising companies pay you to get their content seen.

There are a couple of different types of ad payment standards. The first and the most common are pay-per-click ads. As the name indicates, you get a certain amount of money every time a user clicks an advertisement that a company has placed on your blog. Then there are cost-per-mile ads; with these, you’re paid for every view you get on your blog.

There are also other advertisement services like in-text ads and text link ads. They’re both almost the same. With these types, the links to the ads are placed between your written text. You can also sell some of your blog’s space to a company that needs to advertise. This way, you can earn more money, as there is no middleman advertiser that skims any of your profit earned from readers’ clicks. There are also popup ads and audio ads (but these ads can decrease your users because they’re a bit irritating and distracting, so try to steer clear of them).

You can also make an online store. Add things that are relevant to your blog. For example, say your blog is about home decoration. You can sell homemade pillows that you sew or candles that you create, or you can post affiliate links to relevant products that are sold on other sites. Using PayPal’s services to get the money safely from customers is one of the easiest ways to earn money. You can also use a donate button to get some help. If you gain a devoted following, people who like your blogging can choose to support you in exchange for your content.

If you do decide to write about affiliated products and use affiliate links (which earn you money every time a reader purchases an item you’ve linked to after clicking your affiliate link), be honest, and tell the readers the truth about the products. Mention all the major flaws (you don’t have to mention the little things). Be sure not to exaggerate in either direction, as this can lose readers’ trust.

You can use one or two of these tactics to fill your wallet, but first you have to draw readers to your blog.

Marketing Your Blog to Get Readers

Monetizing can only help if you have enough readers and followers on your blog. The readers are your golden ticket to earnings. If you don’t have them, then you really cannot earn money; advertisers want to know that their ads are getting seen, and if you have few readers, those advertisers won’t be able to reach their target markets via your site. To get readers (and eventual revenue), you have to market your blog.

You might have noticed that every time you type in anything on your browser’s search function you see billions of results. You view only the top 20 or 30 sites on the first page, however.

So how does the search engine allot the position of each website? Do the most recent come first, or it is just a random method? It is neither.

The positions are allotted after some calculations that your favorite search engine uses. It considers the keywords that you’ve searched for, and it matches those words to the websites that use them a certain number of times. The engine calculates the keyword density and distribution, and according to that, the most relevant page is given the top place.

In turn, it means that if you can incorporate the right keywords at the right places and in the right amount in your blog entries, you can increase the ranking of your website and get more readers. This is called SEO writing. You should include the keyword in your heading, and if you have made different sections in your article, add the keyword in the first paragraph of each section.

Use social media to your advantage. You can post links to your blog on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Generate traffic to your website this way, and make a post on these sites every time you update your blog. You can also post links to your blog in comments on relevant posts on other bloggers’ sites. Generating traffic also helps you get the top spot on the browser. Try contacting other people with similar blogs and exchange your links. They can publish your link on their website on a relevant article, and you can do the same to help you both prosper and gain new readership.

Another way to get a higher SEO ranking is to post advertisements from your blog on platforms like Facebook. Use your writing talents to make posts creative and catchy. If your idea could be funny or have a strong message, people will share it with their friends and you can get more readers. It is a risk though, so don’t spend a lot of money on it. Keep it simple and easy to understand. Guest posting is another technique to promote your blog.

Final Tips

The best way to get shares and likes is to write something that readers stick to. Understand who your audience is, and use their interest to your advantage. If you really want to go for it, write something a little controversial; some people may strongly disagree, but they will read your other articles and open up dialog with you.

Looks matter, too. Advertisers want to place ads on sites that fit their themes; for example, a makeup company will want to advertise on a blog that looks clean, colorful, and fun. Make your blog appealing. Use professional themes and suited fonts. Having too much text can turn readers away as well, so try to include photos unless it’s absolutely against the theme of your blog. Try to use an interactive tone. If your audience includes young people, you can be a bit frank, and if you are targeting the older crowd, you might want to be a bit more formal. Don’t make your articles too long or add a lot of headings.

Adopting these techniques can make blogging your permanent gig. You can make it your profession, just like many people have in this age of information. They earn enough money to live stable lives with the comfort of staying at home and using their writing as a source of income. If you think that you have a writer inside you, give it a shot, but be sure to enjoy the creative process along the way.


  1. You are a talented writer. You have a simplicity about you that draws a person in. You have done a great job of explaining
    A to Z of it all. Controversial blogs seem to be the going thing. People love to get their point across especially if it differs from yours. Great site!

    • Gayle,

      Thank you for your kind words. I do enjoy writing, but definitely have to be in the right mindset as you can imagine. I hope that my articles about blogging provides some incite to my readers.

      Again, thank you and have a great day


  2. Very interesting information on blogging for money. I think this is a great “job” for anybody that loves to write or anybody that wants more freedom. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. This helped motivate me more to be more consistent with my blog. 🙂

  3. Hey!
    I really liked how you provided specific examples of how people can make real money blogging. I think a lot of people want to blog and make money writing about what they love, but they just don’t know where to start. Great article!
    Best of luck,

    • Jae,

      Thanks for visiting Blogging for Money. I appreciate your comment and I am happy that you enjoyed my post and the examples I provided to make money blogging.
      Do you have a site of your own? If so, please provide it as I would like to take a look and reciprocate with a comment on your blog.

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  4. Great Post Rick. There is a lot of great information in your post. Not sure if anyone else thinks so, but I consider myself a good writer and more importantly I enjoy writing. I will definitely try to use some of your suggestions in my future writing efforts. Keep up the good work.

    • William,

      Thanks you for visiting my site. Writing is truly an art and is actually very difficult for me, Some days are definitely better than others. I applaud you for your writing talent! I appreciate your comment and I am glad I was able to provide some suggestions that may be useful to you in the future.

      Have a great day,


  5. Nice content. I know many of these things because I’ve learnt it all. But I’m pretty sure this is definitely going to help many people, especially starters 🙂

  6. So have you gotten paid yet to be a blogger? Is this just a hobby? I hope u find success in either route because you deserve it. Very informative. Made me want to click on your links.

  7. Hey Rick, this article is really great. It finds a great way on how to encourage blogging for money, on how to encourage people to do something with their time. Great post, keep it up 🙂

  8. You have developed a good game plan to approach the opportunity of making money online. Blogging and generating readership is a viable solution to generating income from your own writing. The ability to generate enough money to live a stable life is something to treasured and developed. Thanks for leading the way for us all.

    • Roger,

      Thanks you for visiting “Blogging for money” and leaving a comment. I truly do believe having loyal readership will determine the life of your blog. To me it does not matter if one agrees or disagrees but that they are willing to leave comments and come back for you next post.

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