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My name is Rick, owner and main contributor to CreateYourBlogFree.Com.Create Your Blog Free

Obviously you have, by some great fortune and maybe even a little bit of luck landed on my website and decided to click on the “About Me” page and whala…here I am.

So you must be looking for at least one of a number things, or maybe all the above??

  1. To find out who the heck I am
  2. To learn about blogging
  3. To learn how to make money blogging
  4. To learn how to build a blog
  5. Or…Maybe you just want me to show you a free banner creator? Which is great – Email me and ask

I can tell you this – Creating a blog, publishing it the the World Wide Web and opening up a browser to look at your creation is very simple and can be free depending on the website builder you choose to use.

Website Foundation

However, There is a whole lot more to it than that.

  • You need a “Niche” – Finding a profitable Niche market
  • You should have an interest, passion or dream about this Nichelow hanging fruit keywords
  • You should decide on a domain name that fits or is relevant
  • Research, research, research this Niche until you know it “6 ways to Sunday”
  • Research, research, research Keywords. Just a bit of advise…”low hanging fruit
  • Build your sites foundation
  • Start writing unique content. “Content is King” Do not let anyone tell you any differently. Google continues to change their algorithms and sites that are not updated frequently, have duplicate content or are loaded with affiliate links are sinking to the bottom or just simply getting un-indexed
  • Write your content as if you are talking to your audience not at them, have a conversation with them, they will respond when they write a comment about how informative your website is…do not write sales pages or posts
  • Do not put affiliate links on your site until you are indexed in the search engines and getting some traffic
  • I have read that some bloggers post to their blogs 2 times a day for 2-3 months before they see a dollar
  • You must have patiencepatience is a virtue
  • I Hope I am not deterring you and your dreams of making money online. I just want to be very transparent and let you know right up front that building a profitable online business is a journey.
  • I can give you the tools, a great community, over the shoulder training but it will be up to you to use them over and over again until you reach success – And you will.
  • You will have setbacks, down time, frustration and a whole bunch of other disappointments but if you stick it out you will succeed just like so many others have.

Meet With Me

The first thing you should do is Join me here. It is free and you can see all the training and education available to you. Please note that you will have access as a premium member for 7 days, after the 7 days you have an option to continue as premium member for another 30 days for $19.00 but if you choose not to you can remain a free member for a lifetime and still have access to me as well as a lot of training and videos.

You could also claim a free domain name ([dot]siterubix) to use for your first website. The hosting is free as well and there is no obligation what-so-ever to pay for anything.